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Computational Thinking Rubric
ASSECT Model for Computational Thinking in IT


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CPATH Transfer Guide
This document conveys methods and practices that facilitate community college transfer and university degree completion

Community College Outreach Toolkit
A recruitment resource for higher education institutions interested in Outreach implementation and evaluation.

Career Focus on Computing and Information Technology
A fact sheet for students considering careers, offering salary information on computing occupations and highlighting offerings at Massachusetts community colleges.

The Gap Guide: A Resource for Educators Working with Industry
This guide outlines specific steps educators can take to partner with industry in their community.


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An Analysis of Information Technology Middle Skills Job Openings 2011
This Information Technology (IT) Middle Skill Job Openings study outlines the number of middle skill jobs openings in IT Technician Occupational Classifications as reported by the Department of Labor (DOL) Workforce System under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) reporting mechanism in the calendar year 2011.

BATEC Information Technology Workforce Skills Study (2007)
This year-long study presents data on current and future IT workforce skills requirements gathered from IT workers, hiring managers, and strategic planners. The study focuses on technician and technologist jobs in IT.

Nevada Information and Communications Technology Focus Group Analysis Report
The purpose of this research is to describe: the knowledge and skills needed by information and communications technology workers; the current and projected employment opportunities for technicians; and industry perceptions of colleges and community college graduates as potential employees.

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