Our goal is to increase the capacity of career focused academic pathways by facilitating the development of authentic, industry-guided curriculum in emerging fields,  assembling teams of collaborating faculty and  leading industry experts. We also facilitate faculty professional development offering local on-site “train-the-trainer” sessions and Boston-based summer institute classes.

We developed two new cutting-edge courses to provide students with hands-on experience in a wide range of applied problem solving techniques needed to become an IT Professional. We offer train-the-trainer professional development in this curriculum, and in certain cases graduate credit for participating faculty.

Computational Thinking and Problem Solving (CTPS) was developed by BATEC as a result of research conducted in an NSF-sponsored grant to better understand computational thinking in the information technologies.  A complementary college course, IT Problem-Solving, is presently offered at the University of Massachusetts, Bunker Hill Community College and City Colleges of Chicago as a freshman level course, affording an opportunity to explore dual enrollment options. CTPS is currently being offered as dual enrollment courses within Boston Public Schools and Chicago Public Schools.