Note: This course is designed only for teachers that have taken a Bootstrap workshop. Here is more information about the workshops


Algebraic Video Game Programming

# of Credits: 3 Credits
Class Cost: $600

This course, which includes face-to-face content plus additional online study, provides the content and pedagogical background necessary for teaching Bootstrap, a nationally recognized curriculum that integrates teaching core Algebra concepts with introductory Computer Science. The module can be taught as part of either math or CS/IT classes. The course discusses how to blend best practices from both math and computing education to address pedagogic challenges in each area. Algebra topics covered include Order of Operations, Function Machines, Linear and Piecewise Functions, Inequalities in the Plane, Solving Word Problems, and Multiple Representations of functions. The course is targeted at Science, Technology, Engineering and [especially] Mathematics (STEM) teachers; it does not assume prior Computer Science or programming background (for teachers or students).

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