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LoveTech is a model for implementing a viral video challenge, emphasizing short student and faculty perspectives on why they chose a career in technology.

Aside from their evident value in building a library of technology specific marketing resources, these videos (and they needn’t be to limited to videos; animations, slides, and typography are other great mediums) have the additional benefit of fostering communities of interest among disparate majors, departments, schools, and regions. In the case of project centers like BATEC, LoveTech is a relatively easy way to initiate and develop relationships with partners new and old, laying the groundwork for future collaboration.

Students and faculty are our present and future technologists. They have great stories to tell and creative ways of narrating and editing them. Social media offers entrants a platform that spans the world at large. Get the message out!

  • In building a library of student perspectives, LoveTech builds marketing capacity for technical programs.
  • By linking departments and schools around student and faculty passion for technology; LoveTech forms communities of interest out of disparate groups.
  • Utilizing viral social media networks, the program allows students and faculties to broadcast their message to large audiences.