Our primary focus is public post secondary education (community college and university) in the fields of Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Networking and Data Analysis.

The promise of every educational institution is student advancement and progress toward a career path leading to meaningful employment. Delivering on that promise in a predictable and sustainable way requires educational institutions to be engaged with local employers in dialogue about their expectations for the prototypical candidate.

Both local employers and the student population benefit when an institution is empowered with a current profile of the technical skills and professional competencies that are most in-demand. We sponsor and public data-driven research describing these profiles both nationally and regionally.

We follow up this research of long-term trends and established baselines with focus group conversations consulting subject matter experts and trusted advisers to both validate the research findings and anticipate emerging trends and paradigm shifts.

Please find below a portfolio of our most recent work. Each project page includes a brief overview and a library of downloadable resources. Should you have any questions, feedback, or input for us to consider, please reach out to the lead contributor listed therein.


Middle Skill Employment

This publication documents the workforce requirements for entry-level employment in four computer and information technology related fields. It is the result of a cross-correlation of historical data published by the U.S. Department of Labor and an extensive analysis of real time labor market job postings. The results are reported both national and for each of the four specific metro areas.