The CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist course builds upon students manual-coding skills to develop Web documents using new elements, attributes and selectors introduced in Hypertext Markup Language version 5 (HTML5) and Cascading Style Sheets version 3 (CSS3). Students will create Web pages using the HTML5 structure tags, embed video and audio, and develop cross-browser user-input forms. They will use CSS3 to position and format content, and to create effects such as transformations, transitions and animation. Students will also learn basic JavaScript coding, and use HTML5 APIs (application programming interfaces) to extend the functionality of Web pages with modern features such as geolocation, drag-and-drop, canvas and offline Web applications. In addition, students will learn techniques for code validation and testing, inline form field validation, and mobile design for browsers and apps, including Responsive Web Design (RWD). In addition to reviewing the material in the course, this training will focus on the best practices and techniques for delivering a class based on our curricula in the classroom. The class will be highly interactive and involve all members in helping to craft analogies, examples, activities, and games that can be utilized in the classroom to augment the course content.

Learning Outcomes

● Demonstrate advanced uses of the canvas element
● Implement JavaScript to create interactive pages
● Validate HTML5 code
● Identify ways to determine browser compatibility for a page or device
● Implement HTML5 forms
● Use CSS3 to shape content on the page
● Design for mobile devices
● Implement HTML5 APIs
● Identify program flow issues in relation to JavaScript-based applications
● Design pages for a cloud-based storefront
● How to teach this class in a classroom
● Working with analogies
● Real world examples to apply knowledge
● Addressing the flat ends of the bell curve in your class
● Creative ways to use the curricula
● Create a test website as part of the class

What Should I Know

All faculty attending this class should already have a foundational working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript awareness. Reviewing the course content prior to the training is essential to allow this class to focus on pedagogy in addition to technology.


Tzipora Katz

Dr. Katz joined Certification Partners in the beginning of 2014. She brings over 40 years of teaching experience including over 15 years of corporate training using CIW curricula in addition to over 60 software applications and soft skills classes.

Prior to joining Certification Partners, Dr. Katz has taught technology and education classes for several universities and colleges including, Drexel University, Strayer University, The Arts Institute of Philadelphia, Gloucester and Mercer community colleges, and several technical schools. Her passions are adult education and online learning.

She earned her BFA in Digital Communications (Summa Cum Laude) and M.Ed. in Instructional Design with Technology from American Continental University and a Ph.D. in Professional Studies in Education from Capella University.

When she is not working, Dr. Katz is involved in dog rescue work with her family (they have collectively saved well over 250 lives) and advocacy work for victims of domestic violence and child abuse through her spiritual community.