This course gives students hands-on experience in a wide range of modern information technology. Several IT concepts are introduced that provide a basis for further study in Information Technology. Students work on a number of projects that give perspectives on areas of IT including but not limited to:

  • visual and/or robotic programing
  • social networking tools
  • web design and networking

Issues of security, privacy, and ethics will also be examined. Student will leave the course with an understanding of the components of modern IT systems and the scope of knowledge needed to become an IT professional.

  • Understand many aspects of Information Technology and their role in modern Information Technology implementations
  • Understand the pedagogy of Problem Based Learning (PBL) and the PBL lifecycle
  • Work in teams to produce solutions
  • Research and learn about technology.
  • Present solutions in writing and spoken presentations
  • Demonstrate programming concepts through program execution.
For more information, contact:
Jaime Mahoney,
Professor at Bunker Hill Community College
Computer Information Technology Department