The Bridge-to-Community College Program (Bridge Program) is a partnership between a community college and a Community Based Organization (CBO) that functions as a technology education ladder for non-traditional students. Typically, students take two credit-bearing technology courses: an introductory survey course followed by a more in depth course. These courses are accredited by the college, but classes are held in the CBO, and all students are provided a full scholarship. The program adds tutoring to reinforce the basic math and literacy competencies required for entry into a community college. The goal of the program is to give adult students the opportunity to experience college and foster a sense of security that will help them move to a traditional academic setting.

In addition to the college courses students take at the CBO, the Bridge Program addresses common barriers keeping many potential students out of school. Bridge students have typically earned a high school diploma or GED, but still need to improve their technology skills for postsecondary education and/or the workforce. In the program, students complete all required matriculation paperwork for the partner community college as a pre-requisite to attending the CBO courses, easing the transition to the community college. Additionally, Bridge students receive one-on-one case management and participate in college readiness workshops including college admissions, financial aid, course registration, and major selection prior to transitioning to the community college, improving their success rate.

  • Bridge introduces nontraditional students to post-secondary technical education.
  • The program creates a pathway, enabling students to adapt to college coursework in a neighborhood CBO, before continuing onto Community College.
  • Bridge takes a holistic approach to student success, incorporating advising, case management, and college readiness.
Paula Velluto
Professor, Computer Information Technology
Bunker Hill Community College
pvelluto@bhcc.mass.eduSimon Haile
BATEC Outreach Coordinator