Pathways is a collaborative model aimed at creating and improving coherent and effective education and career pathways in information and communication technologies (ICT) related fields. The projects focuses on linkages between pathway and academy programs at high schools, bridge programs at local CBOs, ICT programs, courses, certificates and credentials in the five ICT-related departments at community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities, ICT industries and employers, and essential supporting elements that increase student success. The vision is to build and implement model pathway frameworks that attract more students and job seekers to ICT and supports their retention, completion and career readiness. There is special interest and emphasis in attracting more students and job seekers that are currently underrepresented in ICT education and careers.

The ultimate goal is to build and implement a model pathway framework of practices and tools that can be applied to create similar collaborations within a region. The Pathways model elements can assist with the formation and definition of collaborative efforts; identification of access barriers and opportunities; and development, identification, and facilitation of materials, resources, and events useful in attracting more students and job seekers to ICT. As the model is developed and implemented in San Francisco, a collaboration spearheaded by the Mid-Pacific ICT Center, project outcomes and the process and structures to achieve them, including the means of evaluation, are being documented for exportation.

  • The Pathways initiative engages the ecosystem, uniting educators, CBOs, and workforce development partners to identify barriers, and increase access to ICT education.
  • Pathways emphasizes career preparation through projects that link and expand programs, experiential learning, and faculty and student support.
  • Pathways promotes ICT awareness through conducting outreach, developing collateral, and maintaining web based information and career opportunities.
  • Olivia Herriford
    MPICT Associate Director

    Simon Haile
    BATEC Outreach Coordinator